Luther's Seal

Martin Luther's Seal or Coat of Arms

Ever wonder what Luther's Seal or "Coat of Arms" really meant? Here's your answer.

For Sunday School Classes

A printable copy of Luther's Seal can be downloaded for students can color while they learn about Martin Luther and what Jesus did for them.

Luther's Coat of Arms

Luther drew a picture to show what his faith looked like. 

This picture is called Luther's seal or coat of arms. When we see this picture of faith, we can see what being Lutheran means. Each color and shape has a special meaning.


Black Cross

We are saved from sin because Jesus died on the cross.

Red Heart

We live because Jesus shed His blood for us. Our faith in Him has saved us.

White Rose

Our faith give us joy, comfort, and peace. White is to remind us this is peace like the angels enjoy.

Blue Background

Reminds us that we will meet Jesus in heaven.

Gold Circle

Gold is precious; it reminds us of heaven's endless joys. A circle is an endless shape.


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